Menstrual Tracking Calendar
Chess, Checkers, Connect 4
Late Night Bus Map
Smartphone from a Dumbphone
Time the Last BART train leaves SF
24 Hour Diners and Taxis
“Fair Trade” Coffee Places
Learn Who Your SF Supervisor Is with this map
Contact Your Supervisor with this info. BE HEARD!!
Iron Levels, & how to absorb it
Open Mic Schedule (for poetry & Music)
Comedy Open Mic Schedule
Unsustainable Seafood
Sustainable Seafood (more or less)
Where the Food Carts are At.  and When.
Guitar Chords
Guitar Fretboard
Banjo Fretboard & Chord Chart
Piano Chord Chart
Ukulele Fretboard & Chords
Circle O’ 5ths
Perfect 5ths explained/ Frequency Chart
Farmers Markets
Free Bluegrass Jam Sessions Schedule
Interval Recognition Through Songs
Interval Recognition (descending scale)
Harmonica Chart
Get HPV Vaccine (& others) for FREE
sign Language Alphabet and basic vocab chart
Sign Language Word Search
Free Shakespeare program
Map of Golden Gate Park
Free Events & Attractions in GG Park
Paid Breaks & Other Rights at Work
Pools in San Francisco
Clamdiggin’ & kelp harvesting info
Free Night of Theatre program
Crafty Resources for Crafty Folks
Free Curry Every Tuesday! through (
Crisis Hotlines (just in case)
Anti-Gay Companies to Boycott
Poker Hands: what beats what
Numbers to Report Ethics Abuses in SF
Novel in November
~$1 oyster happy hours (8 of them)
What to do about an Overdose
Get FREE Drug That STOPS Overdose
Needle Exchange Schedule
How to Knit Gooseberry
Symbiotic Garden Plants
Local in-Season Veggies & Fruits
Make PlayDough/Silly Putty/Oobleck
January 2013 Calendar
Cheat Sheet (conversions, times tables, pi, e, wieght of a penny,
Celsius to Fahrenheit, 30-60-90 triangle, pythagorem theorem, speed of
sound / light, etc,)

and blank pages and a ruler ribbon AND a full length CD, and way more
info written into the days.

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