The SF Almanac started in 2011,  when I was working at the LGBT Center helping people navigate the local bureaucracy & sort through the surprisingly abundant-yet-underused SF resources.  I wanted to make a guide book explaining it all.  (But what local carries a guidebook all the time?)

Then I went daily-planner shopping and realized that they were all just empty notebooks with dates on them.    Surely, if one was expected to carry it around all the time, it should be brimming with useful traits.

So i made my own.   It had to be done really.  The need was there & I was in the right place & I was the right person to do it.

I quit my job, turned my OCD up to 11, compiled a lot of information, and drew a lot of clever borders; all so I could put out a 52 week calendar with useful info, important dates, free events, music, civic empowerment, health, harm-reduction, a menstrual tracker, history, & great art on every page.  everything I could think of to justify carrying it around.  The 2nd year I added a Compilation CD.   then I went broke.  

Now I'm making the 2014 SF Almanac (with an APP this time)    but I can't afford to print it!   so I need pre-orders or indiegogo donations.  I'm making a companion APP to go with it so you can stay updated.  I want to keep it accessible to the poor folks (that's the point btw) so I'm including options to buy copies for half-price that go to poor youth (or any organization you want)

Do you want it but are too poor to buy one?

We can work that out.  Make a page of art for me, or put your band on my CD.  Like me on FB or Contact me Directly.  I'm a softy for poor folks & I think artists are gods.

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